Panoramic photography (stereography of multi-dimensional space with 360 degree), for multi-media applications and advertising: website advertising, commercial conference room...




Panoramic photography is a photography technology (stereography of multi-dimensional space with 360 degree), for  multi-media applications and website advertising display such as to display: commercial conference room, meeting room, hotel, shopping mall, shops, showroom, restaurant, food court, entertainment, galleries, cinema, city map, streets, squares, cinema, advertising in the tourism industry …


Nowadays, we can see an explosion in the kind of visual technologies due to the over-reducing cost of the technology, advantages and availability of software. One of the most important aspects is internet communication channel made it possible to easily share this kind of photography with others. In which, panoramic photography is a new method of visualization technology, showing places or locations anywhere in the world, display events and your business on the internet.

A panoramic photo is used for multi-media applications, through the scale to outline overview from a distance across/ to multidimensional spaces. This is called a cognitive panorama, a combination of panoramic overview and spatial awareness.

Some applications allow you to store your panoramic images in a page format and all other necessary files are created automatically. You do not need to display any special (HTML) language or Java programming knowledge, just upload all output files into your web pages.




-      For hotel services


You can put a panoramic photo of hotel room on the website just like any other normal photos, but you also do it in a way that anyone with a browser can pan and zoom it. To make this interaction possible, you have to save it in a format and a viewer need to have a browser or plug-in to support that format. When these requirements are met, a visitor can access and view the photo by turning the arrows (shown on the photo) to look up at the ceiling to the floor and from the floor to ceiling, look from the left to right and right to left, or spin or go around the floor. You can click on any hotspot of the photo to move from one move into next room, move to lobby or swimming pool.


-      Similarly, apply panoramic photography for city or eco-tourism industry


Panoramic photography technology in tourism is often used to capture scenes of landscape, beach, mountain, natural beauty of a place, view of entire city, skyscrapers, and skylines or for any advertising purpose. Panoramic photography brings you a wide perspective to the scene, accentuating or highlighting an immense effect and keeps the effect in an image.


By displaying on the website, panoramic photo can attract and fascinate tourists as they can really enjoy a viewing experience while watching a photo on internet that is almost close to the actual experience of being at the place where you are standing or where the panoramic photographer is shooting images of scene.


A 360-degree panoramic photo of landscape or destination shows visitors the magic, beauty and natural wonder of those places with fee virtual tour hosting, where they want to travel or intend to, or they are in planning for a vacation in their mind to somewhere. Just by searching on your tourism website, visitors will be attracted.

If you are doing business of tourism industry, to introduce famous tourist sites with local information to visitors or target clients? Or you are doing business in field of restaurant, hotel, café bar… you want to make a collection of 360 degree panoramic photos for your own business advertising? We will offer you ideas to develop images and support you to build a set of panoramic photos to promote, not only launch the transmission of panoramic photos and messages to local target client in the country but also to over the world.



Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, which captures images with elongated fields of view. It captures images on wider format photography so as to include much more than what your eyes can see naturally from a point. Panoramic photography, also known as wide-angle photography, is a technique that captures a much wider perspective of the landscape into a photo.


A 360-degree panorama with graphic projection is shown out any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in photography, film or video, or a three-dimensional model.




Panoramic photos can be very beautiful when they are captured wide angle correctly and then created by stitching multiple images together through a software. This panoramic photo gives you a very complete view of a particular landscape. The only real difference is that you need to make sure the first image and the last image taken to overlap. The taken images are much longer in one direction/ side than in the other side, can transmit a sweeping image of a scene and rotate up to 360-degrees around. Capture images carefully and accurately, or you cannot align and overlap the next image or it shows lines or part of the previous image in the series. Because alignment and line connection between images are very important.


To capture a panoramic photo with a more expansive vision, you need a wider aspect ratio; you have to capture a series of images around a single point in a circle rotation of 360 ​​degrees, shot from a single point in space out to the surrounding environment, keeping the exact time with accurate moving of the shoot. In a 360-degree rotation, the first images taken and the last image overlap (capture a series of overlapping images as you pan the camera); scenes have been captured in sections so the images can then be stitched side by side to create a panoramic view. Using a dedicated digital camera and photo editing program or software to stitch the images together to create a seamless panoramic photo.


When the shooting and image stitching are done properly, the results provide a completely seamless smooth panoramic photo, and perfectly merge without borders between the interfacing and overlapping images which can be viewed in any direction.


The completed panoramic photo must be at least twice as wide as it is high (its height), some panoramic photos have aspect ratios of 3:1 or 4:1 to 10:1, including fields of covering view up to 360 degree.  Both the aspect ratio and coverage of field are important factors in determining or creating an actual panoramic photo.


Basically, the images should overlap by 30% and 50% horizontally and not be out of the vertical alignment by much more than 10%. Avoid placing objects that move in the joining areas and do not associate nearby objects or distant objects in the same scene; otherwise the images will be distorted. When possible, place a special topic in each overlapping area to make it easier for the software to realize how to connect the images.

Why do you need a professional camera and photographer?


Partial panoramas that you know mainly from traditional landscape photography. They are created by stitching (assembling) of multiple normal photos together side-by-side, which creates a photo with a wider angle that you can capture with a normal lens.

 Some digital cameras make it possible to stitch the images together in the camera and automatically ensure that the exposure of photo is the same from frame to frame so the images can blend to create perfectly panoramic photo. These cameras may reduce quality or reduce image sizes to keep the file small enough to manipulate it in the camera


However, the camera should be as level as possible so you can capture good images. For your website advertising, using a professional camera, you can achieve panoramic photos effect with any images and can capture beautiful images at any distance or angle. It supports that, in a 360-degree pan, the first and last images overlap and lineup when they are later stitched together, along with specialized equipment and dedicated software. Some professional cameras allow you to use automatic exposure lock (AE Lock) to ensure that exposure and white balance (or color) is consistent, suitable and compatible throughout the series of images.

Why you choose panoramic photography from services of CRES?


We provide you with spherical panoramic photography services, is the leading application of photographic techniques, not only represents a horizontal perspective like in the natural landscape, but also creates the panoramic view effect from a vertical angle and 360-degree rotation angle. In which you can also look up and down and vice versa. The panoramic photo can even be taken in a way that you can't see the tripod or the photographer's shadow in the photo. This spherical panoramic photography also displays panoramic images effect sequence: horizontal images sequence from left to right or right to left; vertical images sequence from the bottom up top or top to bottom; clockwise or counterclockwise sequence. This panoramic image sequences are applied in the natural landscapes, eco-tourism industry, meeting / conference rooms for rent, hotel rooms, city map, square, street...


We invest professional camera system, image processing specialized software - connecting dedicated equipment and cooperate with foreign professional photographer.


If you are in demand to make panoramic photos to apply for advertising purpose of your business, please feel free to contact us, our foreign professional photographer will offer you ideas based on services or products as well your requests to make them beautiful panoramic photos.