Property management and development consultant



We specialize in services retail development of shopping centers, complex projects. As consultants, we provide retail real estate expertise through all phases of a project, working with clients on market research and analysis, strategic marketing plans and leasing.


We execute market research, market analysis, careful analysis of all components of the project, retail evaluation; Determines Feasibility and Marketability of a Retail Development Project; Character of the Trade Area; Identifies the Competition and Rental Realities; Determines types of Tenants then recommend or offer landlord advices or consultation relate to retail service to inform the development process and reduce development risks, ensure each project is best suited to the needs of the market


Drawing upon the team’s practical market knowledge, financial expertise and development experience, our Strategic Consulting team provides advisory services for all types of retail development projects.


Our retail real estate services include:

•           Market research

•           Market analysis (Feasibility analysis and development appraisal)

•           Evaluation (Risk assessment, Development strategy, Market studies and investment strategies)



We execute Analysis according to your needs from our retail real estate research services. Our research team brings expert knowledge and in-depth analysis to retail property markets to assist and inform developers or landlord and investors, fund managers. Our services include data collection and analysis, market studies, supply and demand forecasting and analysis of specific sectors, geographies.


The team monitors the property markets across all major assets, commercial, retail by economic analysis and analysis of the region’s markets.



We analyze the market, conceive the overall design concept and marketing materials, create and introduce the upscale outlet concept to tenants, an original strategy to retail leasing as well to the retail tenants.


Retail market analysis to determine the economic potential of developing a complex project. Evaluation includes a careful economic interpretation of market indicators to evaluate the viability of several different retail concepts and providing realistic retail information and mixed-use design concepts.



We support the developers or landlord to evaluate the viability of a portion of the retail center. We provided a qualitative retail market study in conjunction with an analysis showing potential benefits and risks of developing an upscale center or shopping mall.


Our team evaluates the potential and actual value of a property and advises its owners on how to maximize the potential income that could be generated from it. Also, advice on how to use any given property to gain the best financial returns.