Retail market research, support for local and foreign enterprises connection


Retail market research, support for local and foreign enterprises connection

Foreign direct investment in VN has increased dramatically in the last years. As a result, many countries have begun to search for ways to increase the benefits from such investment. One of the ways is through increased linkages between foreign controlled companies and local firms. Since small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play such a vital role within most major economies throughout the world, our government have attempted to dismantle some of the barriers faced by SMEs in promoting and increasing national economic development. SMEs in VN are very important for employment creation and are important sources of economic growth and foreign currencies. It is therefore not a surprise that SMEs receive ample attention by foreign direct investment.


Cres is one of the small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), specializing in the fields of: retail market research, advertising & promotion consulting, introduce new products in Vietnamese market, provide retail commercial real estate solutions, domestic and foreign enterprises connection. We here offer you some basic assessment of retail market in Vietnam and market research services. By our Market knowledge, you are in your country can know the main competitors are, what is the market size, market share, what trading channels exist, major retailers ranking,  keep track on what happens in the market etc to assist you in orientation of product development in Vietnam.


Based on our assessment


Many foreign investors or retailers are expanding to Vietnam markets, however not all internationalization attempts are successful. Our study utilizes an institutional perspective to examine unsuccessful internationalization efforts. According to this approach, retailers are more likely to succeed when they adapt their retail formats to the norms of the local market and achieve legitimacy from the relevant social actors. Based on consumer interviews, findings show that these retail foreign firms defied local institutional pressures from consumers, suppliers, competitors, retail executives, and the business community. It was also apparent that the competition had anticipated and responded to their sources of competitive advantage. Finally, their scale was not big enough to command any advantages in the supply chain network in VN.


It depends on your product or your kind of business; we investigate and do market research on the development of the domestic retail market as well International retailers in VN. This study aims to make recommendations about your future developments before you invest into VN retail market.


We do research market by applying number of stages involving the use of both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques and main approaches. For the purposes of this research, the main emphasis is on the quantitative aspects, regarding connectivity and integration levels.


Then we offer you services, to support you make any decision to enter or invest in VN market:


-  Advisory or consultations of advanced retail techniques, managerial approaches and supply chain management, including consumer’s behavior research, business relationships and distribution centers. Supply information of Retail market, wholesale, consumers, product lines, store formats, quality systems, competition, business Service, manufacturing and other retailers in the local market.


-  Value of this research is among the first factors to investigate attitudes toward competition in the retail market in VN and presents a series of recommendations for both foreign-based and domestic retailers.



- To find out about competitors, customers, suppliers, distributors;  to provide product information;  to purchase or sell goods/ services; To build customer connections.


-   Develop and execute a program strategy to drive profitable growth with Local marketing in consumer markets


-   Understand retail market, regulatory requirements and competitive offerings in emerging market


-  Exploring data to support the value proposition to sell effectively into the retail market.


-  Offer service of the New Product Introduction (NPI), evaluation internally and externally with product developers to optimize profits.


-  Support you marketing strategic for customer, provide performance feedback, track record of developing and executing strategic product and/or marketing plans


Other Services, Construction, Technology, Financial Services, Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs, Education and Training, tourism, Health and Social Services, Agriculture, entertainment,

We plan and execute complex multidisciplinary research projects within predefined deadlines and aligned with your business needs


In addition to research consumer retail sector, we conduct market research for various industries to explore new markets, including fields such as: Construction, Technology, Financial Services, hotels, Restaurants and pubs, Education and Training, tourism, health, agriculture, entertainment ... according to your requirements. We will plan and implement complex multi-disciplinary research projects in a certain period of time/ deadline. Similarly retail research process mentioned above, through research we collect, record, analyze various data and information about customers, competitors and its market to suit your business needs