Consultant and support to foreign enterprises in finding agency, distributor in VN

Consultant and support to foreign enterprises in finding agency, distributor in VN


The distribution system in VN has rapidly changed due to the implementation of the economic reform. The relative performance and efficiency of the major in distribution, namely small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) including state enterprises and private businesses has had significant changes. In addition to the entrepreneurial spirit and operational efficiency, argues that there are two other important factors accounting for its success. The first determining factor is the relaxation of government policy; the second factor is the change in consumption patterns during the reform.  More consumer goods and services are purchased than in the past. These changes have further contributed to the booming of the retail distribution system.


Finding quality distributors for your products in VN


Distributor Search is a unique and professional service, assisting foreign enterprises in finding qualified distributors for their products in VN.

Good qualified distributors, whether agents, importers or joint ventures will support you to create a quick start to new export sales. A top quality short-list of matching distributors to your products in VN will give you the best chances of success.


The quality of the distributor search depends on three main factors. Access to good and complete sources, systematic and effective researchers with experience in this research method as well as sufficient knowledge of the relevant sectors or products. We have all these necessary factors and can therefore guide you on your way to the best distributor.


How to find the right distributor?


We use a very systematic method in Distributor Search to find most promising distributors as well right distributor. With our support and preparation, you only invest time in the most suitable companies. The systematic method includes 3 approaches, each can be ordered separately but the outline is often identical. You can therefore order only one or two or all three approaches.


Approach 1: Distributor Shortlist

Approach 2: Distributor Shortlist + Distributor Contact

Approach 3:  Distributor Shortlist  + Distributor Contact + Distributor Sales Meeting


Approach 1: Distributor Shortlist


We use various research sources such as databases, phone interviews, internet, trade channels, real research in supermarket, shopping mall, convenience store, other retailers, trade fairs, fair catalogues etc. to collect sufficient market data first, a so called “long list” of all enterprises working in the specific market segments that fits your products and start from this wide list realizing that a good choice is far better than a quick choice. In the next step we check every single enterprise on the list if they would be an appropriate and potential distributor. Check and crosscheck all data about distributors who we are planning to use, avoid distributors with too many product lines. By using a number of knock-out criteria, we receive a quality shortlist of enterprises/ matching distributors to your products. This shortlist will typically contain all the necessary contact details of the company, main products, and if accessible also size and the contact person within the enterprise. Usually it takes us from 2 to 4 weeks for research and reporting.


Approach 2: Distributor Shortlist + Distributor Contact



After approach 1, we will then contact the distributors from the distributor shortlist of the approach 1 by letter or phone. In this first contact we verify information, evaluate the company and create interest in your products. For a successful distributor contact it is vital to have all relevant information, selling arguments and sales tools of your products to raise serious interest in them. You will receive a list of companies that have expressed interest in your product. Results, we will find out and offer you from at least 2 to 8 potential companies or distributors, we will not guarantee number of potential ones since it depends on what kind of your product as well market demands in VN. You can invite representatives of these companies for a product research about your company or for sales meeting in your countries.


Approach 3: Distributor Shortlist + Distributor Contact + Distributor Sales Meeting


This approach contains the full search procedure to find your best distributor. We generate a distributor shortlist from which we contact all the companies or distributors and hold sales meetings with the interested companies which will ideally lead to distribution contracts. We present full reports to you on these companies. We introduce your concept to the interested companies and/or motivate them to talk to you. The final report will enclose all contacted companies and the list of interested companies ranked according to their match to your company and products. We help making the first appointment and organize the first meeting between the distributor and your company in Vietnam as your request.


Price for service of distributor Search


Approach 1: Distributor Shortlist

Our calculation and quotation is based on the time our researchers need and on your kind of product, our database costs and fee for local researchers.

The price of research for a high quality distributor shortlist from 2 to 4 weeks.


Approach 2: Distributor Contact

The price consists of the price of approach 1 plus contacting fee:


The price for contacting the company is based on the time needed to make contact with the right person at the distributor including phone calls, meeting, interview, communication directly or by emails, means of transportation...


Approach 3: Distributor Sales Meeting

The price for Approach 3 consists of the price of approach 2 plus fee of arranging and holding a distributor Sales Meeting


The price for the Sales Meeting is based on the time needed, number of distributors (number of sales meeting) and on the travel expenses which will be agreed upon in advance and billed without surcharge arising then. For approach 3, we work with a fee system based on a starting fee and a success fee which is payable in 2 times once the research contract of approach 3 is signed. (Once the contract is signed, first payment for approach 1 + 2. These both approaches succeed, and then start last payment)


How to start a contract with us?


We send you contract in email, you sign and issue with your company stamp in, then scan it and email to us. When we get your scanned contract, we print it out with color and do the same to send back you. This fee is payable once the signed contract by transfer to our company bank account listed in contract.


For an exact price quote of the distributor research service concerning your product, or further information, please feel free to contact us at email Remember to include an adequate description of your product and state your interest.