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Development consultancy


If you want to be a successful in VN market wholesale distribution, you will need to understand how to managing costs and maximize your profits during each transaction.


First of all, you have to know well about product, you realize that you're only going to sell what you actually know. Distributors or Retailers aren't going to buy a product that you don't seem confident in, they will not want to buy anything that you aren't able to fully describe and detail for their needs. Confidence is everything when it comes to your business.


Next, you will want to make sure that your supply is legitimate. This is for two reasons. One, if you're not getting a legitimate product you may be breaking copyright laws and this is legal trouble that you don't want to get into. And two, if you unknowingly sell a false product to a retailer and they then sell it, they can get into legal trouble as well, and then drop you as a potential distributor. Along the way, this unhappy distributor or retailer will also be telling his/her friends that you are not reliable and you will lose current and potential customers.


In order to protect yourself and your distributors or retailers, you want to make sure that you are checking the products that you sell. This requires that you heavily research the distributors that you sell your products to other retailers, and answer any questions related to your products that they want to ask. A good distributor will: ask questions about your business before they offer you any ideas; find exactly what you need, no matter how specific it is; possess fair prices; provide quality customer service and products; have concern for your business and its growth. Since any avoidance to answer their questions can be a sign make them think that you may be trying to hide the truth from them


Many years of store development and planning allows us to understand what you need and can present a plan for developing your business.


How to distribute your products in VN market


There are many types of distribution. You need to find the right one that fits your style, your business, interests and product. We will help you find the different types of distribution so you can pick the right one for you.


First of all, let's list some of the distribution with easy entry. A distributor with an easy level of entry, is a business that they can start with a reasonable amount of money depending on how large they want to launch the business.


Everything about importing, you have to negotiate with distributors such as transport the products to VN, get brokers to import products, warehouse to ship products to your distributors or retail customers.


Distributors we here also call Wholesalers, are usually importers or people who buy from exporters or manufacturers, they tend to supply or sell to several customers including other wholesalers or distributors or normally retailers as retail stores, supermarket, convenience store, shop, restaurants, manufacturing plants and to consumers. And, the most popular products are usually food, beverage, consumer goods, cars, chemicals, and most products.


Basic Retail Strategy


Just asking yourself some questions: what do you need to do, to give the customers what they want? What are you aiming for? What are your objectives? Are there several strategic options? In what areas do you need to increase performance? How do you measure performance? What are the risks? What is happening in your market? Do you have a clear business goal? Do you know the steps to be taken to achieve this goal?


There are 3 basic steps Retail Promotional Strategy to support you:


• Find out who your Customers are.


• Discover what they want.


• Establish what needs to be done to deliver to your customers.


 If you want some help in answering these above questions then we can help and lead you through the planning process.


We can help you to review your business or revise your existing one. A Diagnostic provides a fixed cost review of your retail operation and recommends all the necessary procedures, systems, techniques, structure, and training and information technology you need to achieve best practice operation, customer service, sales and profitability.


Choosing a distributor should be looked at as forming a partnership, your business needs the distributor and the distributor needs your business. Both parties should consider the best interests of both parties. When looking for a distributor, reference from trusted sources are usually the best bets, but if no one can refer you, Motivating distributors to carry your line can be difficult if your product line is entering into a market that’s already flooded with similar items.


You will want to compile a complete package of your product’s unique selling proposition, marketing planning & strategy and product support plan. Then contact the distributors you’ve found and ask the following questions: Are you in need of a new product to represent? What margins would you have to make on a product for it to earn your top-of-mind? What’s the best way for you to evaluate my products?


You find out what customers want and give it to them: you need to plan a retail strategy to find out who its customers are in each market, and what they want now and in the future. You implement all the retail processes, systems and retail organization that enables them to deliver to the customer.


We know how to construct and deliver a retail strategy that will give you the results you require. You put the retail strategy into your business that finds out who your customers are, what they want. By retail strategy, you can increase your sales and profits, above all increase your customers' satisfaction and loyalty and succeed in difficult market.


Services of sales promotion consulting, retail promotional activities, advertising, new product launches, exhibition


Advertising Services

We offer you advertising services from the planning stage to the execution stage. Marketing and Advertising materials are designed by our highly creative team of professional in accordance with the client ease and comfort. We also take customer specification to match the requirement while execution of these promotional activities.


Retail promotional activities


We provide services in retail promotional activities; our professional team initially comprehend the brand and explicates these to customers through our promotional activities by highlighting each of its traits which leaves everlasting impression on the customer. We also provide customized services which are done as per the client’s specifications.


New Product Launch


We also offer product launching services. A new product launch progresses through a number of essential stages that includes internal communication, pre launch activity that secures distributors and retailers have the required knowledge and resources to promote the array of product. We carry out new product launch at national, regional and local level so as to boost up sales.


Exhibitions Services


We have a team of professionals dedicated to provide Exhibition services in accordance with industry’s specifications. Budget is an important factor which decides the size of the exhibition. We initially trace out the place where the exhibition will takes place and its schedules to inform you. The selection of the place again depends upon other factors like location, size and ambience of the place where maximum number of target audience can be accommodated. Our team is highly experienced in planning each activity from pillar to post.


We manage different kinds of event as per the specification of the customer. Here, we manage multiple kinds of event to promote brand of the products. All the specification along with the timelines will be provided by the customer.


Sales promotion


What is sales promotion?

Sales promotion is one of the aspects of the product promotional mix, to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve/ enhance product availability. Examples include contests, coupons, point of purchase displays, prizes, product samples...


Sales promotions targeted at the consumer are called consumer sales promotions. Sales promotions targeted at retailers and wholesale are called trade sales promotions. For marketers, it is important to understand the value each type of sales promotion holds for helping them meet their promotional objectives.


Consumer sales promotions


Consumer sales promotions encompass a variety of short-term promotional techniques designed to induce customers to respond in some way. The most popular consumer sales promotions are directly associated with product purchasing. These promotions are intended to enhance the value of a product purchase by either reducing the overall cost of the product or by adding more benefit to the regular purchase price. Promotion techniques can be used to achieve other objectives such as building brand loyalty or creating product awareness.


We offer sales promotion service including several communications activities that attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales, to promote an increase in sales, usage or trial of a product or service, we use some kinds of popular sales promotions activities: These efforts can attempt to stimulate product interest, trial, or purchase. We offer Sales promotional services :

- Coupons and vouchers

- Rebates / discount prices

- Original sales promotions

- Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF)

- Promotional Pricing

- Loyalty Programs

- Sampling and Free Trials (tasting of food and drink at sampling points in supermarkets, in high streets and at petrol stations)

- Free Product/ free gifts

- Contests and Sweepstakes / prize draws

- New media - Websites and mobile phones that support a sales promotion.

- Product Demonstrations/ road show

- Personal Appearances


Trade Sales Promotions


A trade promotion aimed at retailers may encourage retailers to instruct their employees to promote a marketer’s brand over competitors’ offerings. With thousands of products competing for limited shelf space, spending on trade promotion is nearly equal that spent on consumer promotions, several other promotional approaches are specifically designed to appeal to trade partners. These approaches include:


- Advertising Support Programs

- Short Term Allowances

- Sales Incentives or Push Money

- Promotional Products

- Trade Shows